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Due to the Covid 19 restricetions, visitors for the home tour must provide proof of a vaccation and wear masks.  Tours are open to individuals or family groups of 10 or less only.  

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Humphrey History Park and Museum MissionHumphrey House

Our mission is to tell the story of the life and times of the Humphrey family and their home, the Kinnikinnick Ranch.  
Humphrey History Park and Museum Vision

The Humphrey History Park and Museum’s goal is to preserve and interpret the mountain heritage of Colorado to a diverse public. Our vision is to present living history experiences that engage, entertain and educate our visitors on the history and challenges our mountain founders faced through the story of the Humphrey family.  
Humphrey History Park and Museum History

Tractor RideThe Museum began in 1995 through a bequest of Hazel Lou Humphrey. The bequest specified that the property would be used “to preserve the history of the Humphrey family and the natural aspects of the grounds to provide an area for the use and pleasure of the public.”

Today, the Museum offers visitors a unique link between the past and present though living history experiences. So what is living history? Living history means the Museum uses the Kinnikinnick Ranch to represent how the Humphreys lived and worked during the 1920s to 1940s in Evergreen, Colorado. Museum staff and volunteers dress in western clothing and work the Ranch sites. Visitors interact with these daily activities in the original Humphrey home, garage, cattery, play house, and Teacherage; reconstructed barn and smokehouse; restored flower and vegetable gardens; and numerous outdoor activity stations. This allows the visitors to smell the flowers growing in the garden, taste the food cooking in the kitchens, hang clothes on the line, chop wood or just swing on old fashioned rope swing. These hands-on activities create opportunities for visitors to experience it in their own life, making history come alive in a vibrant, meaningful way to each visitor individually and brining the life and times of the Humphrey family to life.

For children visiting the Museum, we offer a hands-on, minds-on self-guided tour of the sites specifically designed for our younger visitors.

Angela M. Rayne
Executive Director
Humphrey History Park and Museum
620 Soda Creek Road
Evergreen, Colorado 80439