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Volunteer Information

No museum can become great without the help and loyalty of its volunteers.
Volunteers and their Tasks

The Museum hosts many different programs for the public that require assistance from volunteers.
  • Visitor Services volunteers interpret the Museum by providing tour orientations, tours, special group presentations, assisting with school and senior group programs, and working in the gift shop.
  • Fund Raising and Special Events volunteers typically support special events, celebrations, festivals, or any event that is geared to raising money and/or awareness of the Museum and its mission.
  • Maintenance and Production volunteers help maintain the historic structure, assist with the fabrication of exhibits and address collections storage/space plan concerns.
  • Education Services volunteers work with the Museum’s mission to develop curriculum, special programming, and teaching those classes.
  • Exhibit and Collection volunteers assist with collections care and exhibits development.
 Exhibit, Collection, Maintenance, and Production volunteers provide the technical support for the Museum.

Visitor Services
     Visitor Services are concerned with the interpretation of the Museum, its programming, and of course, the visitors themselves. Volunteer tasks are geared toward explaining the Museum and what is available to the visitor. Tasks may include:  
  1. Group tour orientations
  2. Leading seniors on guided tours
  3. Leading special programs on exhibits, collections, etc…
  4. Providing information to the visitor
      Visitor Service volunteers meet when needed for scheduled group tours or presentations, pre-scheduled hours to assist in the gift shop during busy periods, or for special exhibit openings.  

Fund Raising and Special Events
      Fund raising and special event volunteers help to plan and support events that focus on raising money and/or awareness of the Museum and its mission. Volunteers assist in brain storming sessions to develop new ideas, planning events through a team approach that combines topics of public interest with the Museum’s mission and staffing the events. Tasks may include:  
  1. Attending planning meetings
  2. Researching topics
  3. Developing activities
  4. Soliciting donations
  5. Volunteer coordination
  6. Space planning and layouts
  7. Writing letters
  8. Mailings
  9. Creating press releases and flyer designs
      Fund raising and special event volunteers meet when needed for planned scheduled events listed in the Calendar of Events.
Maintenance and Production
      Maintenance and production volunteers assist with the assessment of the historic structure’s condition and actively work on correcting the preservation issues and day-to-day maintenance associated with running a museum. These volunteers also help in the designing and build out of exhibits, educational structures and artifact storage. Tasks may include:  
  1. Light bulb changing
  2. Window covering installation
  3. Painting
  4. Designing simple structures such as book stands, stairs, shelving, etc…
  5. Fabrication of simple structures
  6. Wood working
  7. Plumbing repair
  8. Cement repair
  9. Electrical repair/simple wiring
      Maintenance and production volunteers meet for informal training programs given as needed, at additional times to discuss design strategies implementation dates and as needed for maintenance projects. 

Education Services
      Volunteers interested in educational services work with the Museum’s mission to develop curriculum and special programming that focuses on the history of the 1930s and 1940s for schools, seniors and outreach programs. Programs address Colorado Model Standards target lesson plans by using sections on history, writing and social studies. Educational service goals change yearly as projects are developed and completed.
       Education services volunteers meet when needed for planning and development of programs. Additional time may be needed to assist with in-service days/open houses or evaluation of new programming.  
Exhibit and Collections
      At the Humphrey Memorial Park and Museum, the Exhibit and Collection volunteers work together on projects because the two are so intimately tied together: exhibits are made up of the collection after all. Tasks that volunteers participate with include:  
  1. Cataloging Artifacts
  2. Conservation of Artifacts
  3. Condition Reports of Artifacts
  4. Inventory of Collection
  5. Developing Exhibits
  6. Researching Exhibits
  7. Installing Exhibits
  8. Developing Artifact Rotation Themes
  9. Developing Exhibit Guides
  10. Developing Touch Baskets
      Exhibit and collection volunteers meet on Thursdays from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. There will be a formal training program once a month that may include a video production, guest speakers, in-house training, handouts, or tours of other facilities. Because of the nature of the work, volunteers desiring this position are required to learn basic concepts of collections care from a volunteer training manual and pass an oral exam before being accepted in this position. 

Angela M. Rayne
Executive Director
Humphrey History Park and Museum
620 Soda Creek Road
Evergreen, Colorado 80439